Fancy equipment

Earlier this year I visited the Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham, apart from being one of few people there without a Y chromosome and I wasn’t wearing a multi pocketed beige jacket, I was also one the few people stunned by the array of kit that was available.  I spent most of my time wandering around wondering how I could ever have any aspirations about calling myself a photographer as I didn’t possess 99% of the kit on offer. For info…I own a couple of camera bodies, a few lenses – namely macro, wide angle, 50mm prime and a telephoto lenses, a flash gun, a couple of reflectors, a polarising filter, a big tripod and an old low level Benbo tripod…that’s it.  That’s the lot.

So after closing my mouth, I spent the rest of the day feeling quite smug that I didn’t need anything else for the type of photography I like to do….namely macro and landscapes.  What’s the saying?  “Pride cometh before a fall” (or something like that), for it was only a few months later that a great desire took hold, that what I really needed to make my photographic life complete at that point in time was a light pad!  Looking back now I still can’t quite understand what the motivation was but wherever the idea came from a light pad was definitely needed in order to take interesting back lit pics.  After a bit of investigating, I  decided to purchase said object from Amazon and wow…’s fab!



The light pad enables me to take pics which are back lit showing up incredible details.  This works particularly well for translucent objects like the lime slice but has worked equally well to produce high key shots of the virginia creeper pic below, where you can get really clear definition of the leaf veins as well as good colours.

Virginia Creeper
Virginia Creeper

So, after scoffing at the kit geeks at the Photography Show I found myself quickly drawn into this arena.  I’ve even been asked about it on Flickr and had a long and intense email conversation with a Flickr-er based in the USA about what to buy, what I bought,where I bought it and the size.  For those interested in that sort of stuff, (and frankly for us kit geeks who isn’t?) I bought a Huion A3 LED Touch Adjustable Illumination Lightbox Lightpad for Craft Design, Photo or Tracing.

So the moral of the story, if there needs to be one, is never say never or is it he who laughs last laughs longest?  Whatever it is I’m crossing the days off until the next show so I can top up my kit store with something else that I REALLY NEED!



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